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Basketball season is just around the corner and Husker fans on Friday night got their first look at the the men’s and women’s teams for Nebraska.

First off, Keisei Tominaga is the most loved Nebraska athlete in the state right now, regardless of sport. That young man from Japan has three seasons of eligibility to use in Lincoln and he has a chance to smash every three-point record in the books, and if they start selling jerseys, his will constantly be sold out.

More on him later.

Both teams were introduced on the stage that G Herbo, a Chicago based hip-hop artist, would perform on later. Amy Williams won the walk-out music with Warren G’s “Regulators.” After the introductions, both teams scrimmaged.

Kendall Coley (left) and Sam Haiby (right) celebrate with Alexis Markowski during Friday’s Opening Night for Husker Hoops.

Kendall Coley (left) and Sam Haiby (right) celebrate with Alexis Markowski during Friday’s Opening Night for Husker Hoops.

Takeaways from the women’s scrimmage, which was against a practice squad of guys for part of it:

  • Sam Haiby is still really good.
  • Annika Stewart has RANGE.
  • Whitney Brown’s play reminds me of Thorir Thorbjarnarson: just makes the right play and is in the right place.
  • Four years of Alexis Markowski is going to be special.
  • Ruby Porter’s handles have improved greatly since last season.
  • Bella Cravens and Annika Stewart are going to cause issues for opposing teams in the paint.
  • Not present was Jaz Shelley, the Oregon transfer who is at the FIBA Asia Cup with the Australian National Team

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Takeaways from the men’s scrimmage.

  • Defense was played along the lines of an all-star game, so it's hard to tell for sure on that end.
  • Keisei Tominaga is worth the hype, he can hit from anywhere and the crowd will explode each time it goes in.
  • Wilhelm Breidenbach has the range to go with his 6’10 size, gonna stretch some defenses.
  • Alonzo Verge Jr is quick and his handles are TIGHT, made Kobe Webster stumble before drilling a three
  • Bryce McGowens is stupid athletic, like STUPID athletic.
  • KEISEI TOMINAGA. He hit a three on one end, locked up Verge Jr on the other, then hit a 25 foot triple on the next possession. Buy stock now.
  • Pace shouldn’t be an issue with this team, they got up and down pretty easily.
  • All kinds of three-point shooting is on the floor at all times.
  • Oleg Kojenets is absolutely 7′ tall, that will complement well with the rest of the bigs for Nebraska in the Big Ten

The crowd enjoyed both scrimmages, with Fred Hoiberg telling those at Pinnacle Bank Arena that they’ll love the games even more.

“You’re gonna absolutely love this team,” Hoiberg said. “We’ve upgraded every position. I promise you, this is gonna be a team that’s fun to cheer for.”

The Nebraska women open their season Nov. 9 against Maine after a Nov. 1 exhibition with Midland. The Nebraska men open their season season Nov. 9 against Western Illinois after exhibitions with Peru State (Oct. 27) and Colorado (Oct. 31).