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Proceed with caution; we say naughty words.

Almost two weeks into Fall Camp and things are changing daily. Based on comments made this past week by Offensive Coordinator Mark Whipple, it would appear that Casey Thompson is the number one quarterback and takes most of the snaps. Of course, nothing will be official until the depth chart is released, and we know that Scott Frost wants to wait as long as possible for that to happen.

In this edition of the Doc Talk Podcast presented by Betfred Sports, Dr. Rob Zatechka and Travis Justice play a little game of what we hear and think. We heard Whipple talk on Wednesday after practice and Bill Busch on Thursday. In general, both coaches were positive about the way things were going but were there some hidden messages in what they were saying? We think so, and we will give you our opinion about the quarterbacks, the offensive line, and the special teams.

We have a guest this week. Bryan Bennett from Betfred Sports joins us to discuss our relationship with the sportsbook. You’ll want t to listen to this as he drops a shocker on us when it comes to placing a future bet on Nebraska on the over/under for the number of wins. It might not be a safe bet anymore.

Additionally, we drink beer from Ohio, Pennsylvania, and California and discuss some exciting new content pieces we have coming up during the season.

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