I went to the Colts/Texans game yesterday and it was amazing to see receivers running wide open in the middle of the field about 15-20 downfield on multi-level crossing routes for both teams. It got me thinking about ND. It seems we don't really take advantage of this as much as we could. It seems our crossers are typically 1 guy in the 5 yard range. Other than that, the passing game is relegated to back shoulders, flat routes and quick passes to the outside putting our WR's in one on one matchups. Most of the stuff over the middle is some sort of stop route that doesn't give the guys much chance for YAC. This may be a result of Book not willing to pull the trigger on downfield throws, but arm strength isn't an issue. A high school QB could make these throws. I wonder if this is just because of offensive design or a conscious decision to just keep the ball on the outside and stay away from the middle where there is more chance of bad things happening? Curious to hear others thoughts.