NCAA Sets Guidelines For Preseason Football

The NCAA has initiated a three-phase plan for teams to begin workouts in preparation for the 2020 college football season
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The pathway for returning to the field is becoming clearer and clearer for Notre Dame and the rest of the college football world. On Thursday, the NCAA Division I Football Oversight Committee made its final recommendation for how teams will be able to handle summer workouts and preseason practice.

In the proposal the lead up to the season was broken into three phases, with the first going from July 13-23. During this period team’s can have players participate in up to eight hours of weight training, conditioning and film review per week. The proposal states that not more than two hours of that can be work in the film room.

Phase two goes from July 24 to August 6. At that point teams can have players participate in up to 20 hours of work per week, with no more than four hours per day. According to the NCAA release the guidelines for that are:

*** Up to eight hours per week for weight training and conditioning.

*** Up to six hours per week for walk-throughs, which may include the use of a football.

*** Up to six hours per week for meetings, which may include film review, team meetings, position meetings, one-on-one meetings, etc.

During this phase players are required to have at least two days off.

Fall camp for teams that begin the season Labor Day Weekend would then begin their fall camp period on August 7. At that point teams would have the normal 25 on-field practice schedule in 29 days.

What will make this a bit more challenging compared to most seasons if the fact many teams are starting school much earlier this year. For Notre Dame, the fall semester is scheduled to begin August 10, which means the team gets just three days of fall camp before the semester begins.

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