PODCAST: How No Spring Impacts Notre Dame For 2020

Bryan Driskell

With President Donald Trump extending the social distancing guidelines until April 30th, its same to say there will be no kind of spring practice for Notre Dame in 2020. The question now is how will Notre Dame handle no spring, will it follow the SEC model, or will it go in a different direction.

No matter what Notre Dame does, the fact is not having spring is going to impact the Irish in 2020. The podcast below discusses what that impact will be. 

In the podcast I take a look at the overall team impact for not having spring. The spring is an important period for team building, and the Irish, like the rest of the college football world, is missing out on that.

Following that analysis, we discuss the impact it will have on the coaches and units on both sides of the ball. Next we go position by position, breaking down how it impacts each group. The reality is some positions, and some coaches, are going to be impacted more than others.

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Loved the podcast.

One question, you think Louisville is more talented than Wisconsin?

Irish For Life
Irish For Life

ND has historically been behind the curve on taking advantage of social media. Because of this one BIG concern for me is that ND won't be as proactive and creative utilizing modern technology. I pray that my concern will never come to fruition.