The Notre Dame Offensive Line Holds The Ultimate Key To Success In 2020

Bryan Driskell

The Notre Dame offensive line could very well hold the key to the season for the 2020 Fighting Irish. That is the topic of the latest Irish Breakdown podcast. 

Football analyst Vince DeDario and publisher Bryan Driskell explain why the line is so important, and then break down whether or not the unit is capable of reaching its preseason hype.

The show begins and ends with the Irish Breakdown staff talking about the expectations, and why the play of the offensive line is so instrumental to the overall success of the entire team.

Being better coached is a must for the Irish offensive line. They must combine strong pass blocking and run blocking, which will require the unit being coached to be more aggressive. 

Following that discussion, the Irish Breakdown staff talks about the returning talent to the offensive line. That across the board talent, and experience, is a big reason why expectations are so high for Notre Dame. Five starters return this season, and there's plenty of talent coming back behind it.

There should be a position battle at left guard this season, and that is also discussed in this episode. With the COVID-19 situation, the IB staff also breaks down how the staff must think outside the box when it comes to preparing a deeper rotation this year.

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Comments (1)
No. 1-1

My guess is this will be a different season for the OL for a couple of significant reasons and changes.

New OC with a different play calling style---haven't seen too much of it yet--but it will be different than Chip Long's approach. The OL will need to adjust to that.

There is supposed to be a renewed commitment to running the ball. Rees-Taylor- McNulty and maybe even Del Alexander for the WR's are going to make a big push to run the ball more effectively and both Taylor and McNulty know some NFL/Stanford schemes and added TE's to help put some more punch upfront.

Based on ND's OL PFF scores---ND's pass blocking is quite good and the overall run blocking is OK/above average and with some added emphasis they can dial it up a notch or more.

If ND's OL can handle/neutralize some of the good DL front's they face---and run the ball effectively especially in the 3rd & 4th Quarters to crunch down the game clock---ND will be a very tough team to beat.

ND's defense is going to be a load and hold opponents around 18-20 points---and better teams will score more like 24-30 points...ND has a chance to win a lot of games if the OL can play strong and move the ball and score TD's.