PODCAST: What Could Keep Notre Dame From Having A Championship Offense In 2020?

Bryan Driskell

Notre Dame should have a very good offense in 2020, but the question now is will it play at a level that allows the Fighting Irish to compete for a championship. 

In the latest Irish Breakdown episode, football analyst Vince DeDario and publisher Bryan Driskell discuss the areas of the offense that could keep the unit from playing to its full potential.

Quarterback and offensive line were discussed in the strengths podcast, but they are also focal points in this breakdown. The question isn't whether or not the units will be good, as they were both quality groups in 2018 and 2019. The question, and the concern, is can they play at an elite level, and can they play well in big games and against the best defenses.

There are some question marks at the skill positions as well, and they are all addressed in the latest episode.

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