Podcast: Breaking Down The OC Situation At Notre Dame

Bryan Driskell

Notre Dame has hired Tommy Rees to run the offense at Notre Dame. The latest podcast dives into that decision, what led to it, what it means for Notre Dame, the concerns with the hire, the positives with the hire and where we go from here. There is also a Q&A session at the end of the show.

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Irish For Life

I pray this post stays!!

I wasn't going to bring the subject up on this site but after the podcast I felt a little background was due.

When I heard about the Houston Astros of cheating it didn't surprise me at all. Houston hired the architect of the Cardinals player evaluation system away. He basically set up a copy of the St. Louis Cardinals system in Houston. The system was developed as an employee of the Cardinals and as such is Intellectual Property of the St. Louis Cardinals. The Cardinals protested but MLB didn't care. At hat point someone in the Cardinals organization logged in the Astros system with the same log ins that he had in St. Louis to try to get a little revenge. This behavior was 1000% wrong and unacceptable by the one St. Louis Cardinals employee. At the same time what the Astros did was also 1000% wrong and unacceptable. If you cheat and get away with it like Houston did before than they figure why not do it again.


@Bryan Driskell can you tell us if there is anyone to your knowledge, currently in the ND football program that shares your concerns about Tom Rees at OC?


Great podcast! I agree completely about the punishment for the Astros not being harsh enough....