Irish Breakdown: Notre Dame Mailbag

Answering all your question about Notre football and Notre Dame recruiting
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It's time to answer all your questions about Notre Dame football, Notre Dame recruiting and other college football topics.

In the latest episode I answer questions from Irish Breakdown subscribers about a wide array of topics.

The show begins with a discussion about how much longer Brian Kelly will be at Notre Dame, how that impacts recruiting and then a discussion about how Kelly should be viewed at Notre Dame. Should he be praised for the manner in which he's rebuilt the program, should he be criticized for not getting the program over the final hump, or both?

There were other questions about the offense, including expectations for the offensive line and position coach Jeff Quinn, and I explain why the three-receiver personnel grouping is the one I'm most interested to see this season.

Defensively, there was a long answer about whether or not the 2020 pass rush could be better than the 2019 unit. That was the question, but the answer talks about how the 2020 pass rush should be held to the standard of the 2018 group. That answer is also in the video that is found at the top of the article.

We talked about a number of recruiting topics, but the two I found most interesting were about running back recruiting and what the Irish need to do to get offensive line recruiting back on track.

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