Notre Dame Falls To No. 16 In Latest CFP Rankings

Bryan Driskell

Notre Dame checked in at No. 16 in the latest College Football Playoff Rankings.

The Irish are coming off a 38-7 road victory at Duke, but the Irish were leaped by Minnesota, who earned a 31-26 victory over previously No. 4 Penn State.

Notre Dame will host Navy (7-1) this weekend. The Midshipmen were ranked No. 23 in the rankings, which gives the Fighting Irish a chance to earn a resume building victory this weekend.

The Irish lost to No. 15 Michigan and No. 4 Georgia earlier this season.

LSU moved into the No. 1 spot after its 46-41 victory over previously No. 3 Alabama. Ohio State is ranked No. 2, Clemson is No. 3 and Georgia ranked No. 4.

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Comments (5)
No. 1-2

I still feel like as long as we take care of our business in these last 3 games we will end up getting to a NY6 bowl. I just don't see a 10-2 Notre Dame team being left out when the bowls get announced.


So it’s looking like for the NY6 to happen our best shot is for Michigan to lose to Ohio State, Wisconsin to loss to Minnesota (would put Minnesota in the Rose Bowl), Auburn to lose to Georgia and Bama, Baylor to lose to OU.... and we probably need Oregon to make the playoffs so Utah would go to the Rose Bowl... that would leave Georgia or Bama in the Sugar and the other likely heading to Orange.... That would still leave the Cotton between Florida, Penn State and Notre Dame... so hopefully we get a bit more chaos on the way home