Tommy Rees Talks Evolving The Notre Dame Offense, Building Around Deep Group of Weapons

Notre Dame offensive coordinator Tommy Rees talks about how the Irish offense is evolving and his deep group of pass catchers

Notre Dame is banging on the door of the nation's top programs, and the final piece to the puzzle for the Irish is an offense that can be more dynamic, one capable of scoring a lot more points.

The man tasked with taking the offense to that level is second-year offensive coordinator Tommy Rees. A former Irish quarterback, Rees knows there are areas the offense will look different this season due to personnel changes, and there are areas where he wants to get better and there are new strengths to build around. There's growing confidence Notre Dame will take a step this season.

In a recent interview with Irish Breakdown, Rees talked about two very important topics, evolving the offense and building the system around his returning group of weapons.

Here is part one of that conversation where Rees talks about what goes into evolving the offense and the process that goes into adjusting the system to fit the deep group of weapons that he has.

One of the more intriguing parts of what was a number of excellent responses was Rees talking about the positives, and dangers, of having a deep group of receivers.

"Then you say okay we also have these two guys that we’ve got to get involved, oh yeah we also have this guy, and him, and so you start going down this path of how do we further broaden our offense and build things around guys that we want to get involved, and it’s not a short list, which is exciting for me. It’s also hard though because at the end of the day there’s one football, and you’ve got to find the balance and you’ve got to find the ability to lay that all out and make it into a plan, not just random plays that are here and there, but really a plan that fits well together."

Here is part two of the interview in which Rees talks about the advantages of not having an alpha receiver, but also some of the challenges.

Here is a key part of that conversation:

"That adds a little bit to it where you’re starting to get into a world where you’ve got to be able to build the offense in a way that makes sense, in a way that’s easy to learn and comprehend … it’s exciting, it’s really exciting when you have that many guys. The hardest part is tempering your mind down because you have all these ideas and all these ways you want to get guys the ball … you only get so many plays in a game, you only get so many plays in a practice week where you can rep them, what really do we want to major in moving forward."

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