Two Notre Dame Players In The First Round Of Latest Mock Draft

Bryan Driskell

If USA Today's latest mock draft for the 2020 NFL Draft is correct, Notre Dame will have a pair of first rounders.

Associate editor Michael Middlehurst-Schwartz had former Irish tight end Cole Kmet and defensive end Julian Okwara being selected in the first round.

In what has become a popular choice by mock drafters, Kmet goes to the Patriots at No. 23 overall.

"While New England's future with Tom Brady remains unclear, perhaps it's time for Bill Belichick and Co. to focus on a different glaring issue. As the draft's top talent at tight end, Kmet might help fill the Rob Gronkowski-sized hole in this offense."

The Tennessee Titans will play the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday for a chance to get to the Super Bowl for just the second time in franchise history. The USA Today mock draft believes the Titans will follow up their strong season by adding Okwara with the No. 29 overall pick.

"Mike Vrabel has thrown an assortment of players into the pass-rushing mix, yet none have proven consistent threats. Tennessee can ramp up its efforts on this front by grabbing Okwara, who's still learning the finer points of his position but has a tantalizing athletic profile."

Notre Dame had three first rounders in the 1994 NFL Draft, but between 1995 to 2015 the Irish never had more than one first round pick in the draft. If two Irish players go in the first round in 2020 it would mark the third time in the last five drafts that Notre Dame has multiple players going in the first round. 

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No. 1-1

Umm, elephant in the room...? I understand Chase isn't grading out as first round talent, but those of us who have watched him mature, understand he has first round talent inside his soul.((not to mention he is a Very Good Wideout))

I once heard this..." A first round guy is a guy you expect to be a mainstay of your team for the next ten years". Am I the only one who gets excited about a thirty year old Chase Claypool leading your young wide receiver room in film study? I remember what was said about him last year... "Don't trouble him with the captain C". But I saw ND's real offensive Captain all year, and he wasn't under center!!!! Tough enough to play through injury, mentally strong enough to pay his dues through a rigorous ND curriculum. Good enough teammate to always mention his teammates when talking about his success... With the departure of A.J. Green and most likely drafting Joe Burrough,,,,, please please Cincinnati take Chase Claypool!!!!

Sorry, just needed to get that off my chest #Go Irish