Talking Notre Dame Joining A Conference, 2020 Success, Clark Lea, Emergency QB And More

Bryan Driskell

Had another opportunity to talk Notre Dame football with WSBT Sportsbeat hosts Darin Pritchett and Sean Stires. The topics were quite broad, and we talked about a number of articles that were published at Irish Breakdown

Here are the topics we discussed in this week's episode:

1:30 — We discussed what it would take for me to accept Notre Dame joining a conference for football.

2:20 — I was asked about my recent article that broke down the tiers of college football. We discussed the big picture view of it and then dove into why I view Notre Dame is a tier three program.

You can find that article HERE.
You can find the podcast with Vince DeDario on the topic HERE.

4:49 — Darin asked me if I felt it would be easier for Notre Dame to make consistent runs to the College Football Playoff if they were in the Big 12. In 2019 I would agree, but in other seasons I would not. In this part of the discussion I talk about how Notre Dame has not had an "Oklahoma caliber team." Considering Notre Dame beat Oklahoma in 2012 that might seem incorrect, but Oklahoma finished ranked 15th. I was referring to what Oklahoma has been in the last five years.

7:36 — Sean asked what should be the "baseline" to consider Notre Dame's 2020 season a success. There are two options in my view, and I discuss them both.

10:12 — Darin asked me what makes Clark Lea such an outstanding defensive coordinator.

11:47 — Sean asked who would be Notre Dame's "emergency quarterback" should all three of the scholarships go down at some point during the season. Part of the answer discusses the need for Notre Dame to already start working on that solution.

13:10 — Darin and I talk about how much home field advantage might be impacted by no fans being in the stands this season.

15:10 — Sean and I talk about the top five offensive line recruits to sign with Notre Dame in the last decade, focusing specifically on incoming freshman Tosh Baker. You can read that article HERE.

16:35 — Darin and I discuss the proposal by Michigan's governor regarding flipping baseball and football seasons in high school, and who that might impact the most.

18:25 — Sean asked me what I would do to change college football recruiting if it were up to me.

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