Notre Dame Players Set To Return To Campus

Bryan Driskell

According to ESPN's Heather Dinich, in an interview with Notre Dame team doctors and other staff, the report Irish Breakdown put out last week is accurate. The Notre Dame players will begin voluntary workouts on June 22nd.

According to the Dinich article, players will begin arriving as early as Monday and will be quarantined in a hotel that is on campus. They will be tested and quarantined as part of a three-phase process.

Here are important quotes from the article:

"Athletic department officials informed players and their families on Thursday evening that about 90 football players will check into single-occupancy rooms at The Morris Inn over the span of next week. The athletes will stay in the hotel and have their meals there until they move into their residences for the fall semester."

"Once the Irish have all been quarantined and tested along with staff, the football team will move into Phase 1 -- the voluntary participation in workouts with group sizes no larger than 10 -- of the school's three-phase plan."

"During the week of June 15, each player and staff member will take a drive-up nasal swab test and antibody test -- most likely at the football stadium -- in coordination with the school's local lab and health center. Leizler said the tests cost about $100 each, while the antibody tests cost $50."

"The football players will have their temperatures taken daily and fill out a symptom survey before they enter any athletic facilities. Head team trainer Rob Hunt said the Irish reconfigured their weight room in a linear way so that the athletes are going in one way and out the other side, and there's "a really good flow and space between equipment."

"Hunt said the initial phase includes strength and conditioning exercises, which are tiered around their daily online academic schedule. Masks are required for employees in the strength and conditioning area and are recommended for the athletes for indoor workouts."

"During Phase 2, group sizes of no more than 50 people will be allowed, followed by an unlimited amount in Phase 3. Notre Dame will move to the next phase only if the first one is working."

"Leizler said there would be follow-up testing to help prevent that. If an athlete or staff member has symptoms or tests positive, he or she will be sent home to self-isolate and will be scheduled for a telemedicine appointment with the sports medicine department. They will also be referred to an on-campus testing location for an in-person evaluation and testing, and then return to isolation. The school will follow with contact tracing protocols."

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