OT - A post I saw about MICH HC Jim H;

"In Seth Davis' 2018 book on successfull coaches entitled "Getting To Us: How Great Coaches Make Great Teams" Davis has chapters written about different successful college coaches covering Tom Izzo, Urban Meyer, Dabo Swinney, Coach K, etc. but for some reason he also did a chapter on Jim Harbaugh. All of the chapters in the book deal with the coaches upbrining and how they became good coaches along the way. But Harbaugh's was more about how people around Harbaugh (family, assistants) have a difficult time dealing with him and eventually get tired of him. It was pretty unflattering but this specific part blew me away:

"He may have a brilliant football mind, but he has no idea how to hand a picture on a wall. He often leaves his car with the motor running and the door open. He misplaces his cell phone and wallet with regularity. Cooking for himself is out of the question. He also suffers from sleep apnea, which he tries to make up for by downing diet Cokes and chewing tobaccoo all day long". Harbaugh's wife says "He's distracted all the time, he goes into what I call football world, and there's really no breaking through it. He has a brilliant football mind, but he just doesn't have room in his head for the easy stuff.....I treat him like he's my child".

I can't believe that the editor allowed this stuff to be included but it's in there and that is basically word for word. If I didn't know any better I would think they were describing someone with brain damage....like early stages of CTE. "

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I definitely think it’s personality disorder and or borderline mental illness. I don’t say this to be unkind because I know people who suffer through this and it’s really difficult and sad.

So I feel the for the guy on that level. But that does not give him a free pass to be an ass. And I also think he is that as well. And he has treated others poorly including opposing coaches. People around him enable that behavior and that is jot excusable.

I also think this has progressed markedly over the years. Go look at a press conference of him when he was at San Diego state. Totally different person.

Bryan Driskell
Bryan Driskell


I really don't think his "issues" have anything to do with CTE, and I'm so sick and tired of everything that happens to a football player being blamed on that.

I have been saying for YEARS that Harbaugh has some sort of personality disorder. The things that were written about here sound a lot more like that than what happens to someone whose brain is suffering through CTE.


I don’t mean this to sound funny or rude, but I’ve read a lot of stuff about people thinking he may be on the spectrum.