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Watching a lot of film of 2021 CB prospects. It made me think. Does ND really know how many CB recruits it will need?

With Cam Hart moving to cornerback, that’s three 2019 players for the position. At least two cornerback recruits in the fold for 2020. Offord could be a third, but likely a safety for Notre Dame. That brings up the next question, which upperclassmen steps into a starting role or plays nickel next year?

If that player(s) provides eligibility through 2021, it could impact the number of cornerbacks the Irish aim to sign for 2021 and also impact 2022 cornerback recruiting.

Best guess is Notre Dame projects to use two spots for cornerback recruits, but taking a third would be reasonable.

Does Hart stick at cornerback? Any transfers? How do current freshmen cornerbacks KJ Wallace and Isaiah Rutherford develop between now and the end of spring practice? Any of the 2020 cornerback commitments enroll this January and make the two-deep depth chart?

The Irish started off great with 2021 recruits, but they must land great prospects at The position that normally creates the biggest issues: cornerback.

Lots of decisions need to be made between now and spring practice regarding 2021 cornerback recruiting. It will be interesting to follow.

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Been hearing some rumblings about Lyght and Joseph. Seems that there seem to be disagreements about personnel choices , thus effecting recruiting.

pass me the green
pass me the green

I don't see ND landing any elite CB recruits because coach Lyght cannot recruit them. I'm really hoping the transfer portal helps ND fill any needs their recruiting class my lack. Thanks for the insight on Offord, was wondering what position he would play.