Breaking Down Notre Dame 2022 Linebacker Recruiting

In the latest Irish Breakdown mailbag we talked a lot about Notre Dame linebacker recruiting
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In the latest Irish Breakdown mailbag we talked a lot about Notre Dame linebacker recruiting in the 2022 class. This class is the first opportunity for defensive coordinator Marcus Freeman to show his recruiting chops for Notre Dame.

We talked big picture about the linebacker class, we broke down multiple players on the board and whether or not this group has a chance to be one of the nation's best.

Here's a rundown of the show:

0:02 - We talk about the needs in the class, from both a numbers and talent standpoint, and why this is such an important year for linebacker recruiting at Notre Dame.

1:08 - We talk briefly about the only linebacker commit in the class, Nolan Ziegler.

1:32 - We talk about where things stand with linebacker recruits Josh Burnham and Niuafe Tuihalamaka, who I believe Notre Dame leads for at this time. I also talk about the talent that Burnham and Tuihalamaka possess as players.

3:45 - The conversation moves to a quick recap about the latest with Sebastian Cheeks, another player I believe Notre Dame leads for at this point.

4:09 - We talk about Nebraska linebacker Devon Jackson, who plays more like a defensive end but has the body and athleticism of a linebacker.

5:50 - This is a brief discussion about where things stand specifically with Burnham before talking about where Notre Dame stands overall with linebacker recruiting, and the importance of Freeman needing to close.

6:38 - I explain why I think linebacker is the most important position for Notre Dame in the 2022 class from both a numbers and impact talent standpoint.

7:22 - I am asked to pick my ideal four-man linebacker class in the 2022 class.

9:34 - We talk specifically about the game of Tuihalamaka, and how his size and game are very similar to former Notre Dame All-American linebacker Manti Te'o. We then talk about who the biggest threat is for Notre Dame from a recruiting standpoint.

12:42 - The discussion shifts to whether or not Notre Dame would take a fifth linebacker in this class, should a standout like Jaylen Sneed decide he wanted to still come to Notre Dame. We also talk about how Freeman's ultimate goal from an alignment standpoint (3-3-5 vs. 4-2-5) will impact the numbers objective at linebacker in this class.

17:17 - We wrap up the linebacker discussion by talking about what needs to be done for Notre Dame to land an elite linebacker class in 2022.

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