PODCAST: Breaking Down Notre Dame's Cornerback Recruiting

Bryan Driskell

When Notre Dame cornerbacks coach Mike Mickens was hired in February, over a month had gone by without the Irish having a cornerbacks coach. The recruiting board he inherited was a mess, and less than a month later the dead period was enacted.

Despite all the difficult circumstances he inherited, Mickens has done a masterful job building up the cornerback board and putting the Irish in position to still land a talented group of cover men.

Irish Breakdown recruiting analyst Brian Smith and publisher Bryan Driskell discuss the job Mickens has done and then break down the top cornerbacks on the 2021 board.

You'll hear the latest in each player's recruitment plus why the IB staff is so high on the players Mickens has offered since taking the job.

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Comments (10)
No. 1-4

During the podcast you mention a couple guys ND really needs to get.
Three part question:

  1. What is an ideal CB class for ND (Best case scenario)
  2. What is the absolute minimum ND needs (which players)
  3. What class is the most realistic



Both of the last two podcasts have had chronic buffering issues, and this is on podcasts that were downloaded, not streamed. I don't have issues with any other podcasts I have listened to, and I am using the Google podcast app.


I can here the excitement in you guys voices talking about Mickens. Notre Dame needs a recruiter like him. I can't wait to see who he can land.

The two kids that I like that was discussed are Terrion Arnold and Ceyair Wright.


You guys mentioned since Mickens has taken over they’ve shifted away from some DBs, is Dylan Mccutcheon one of them? I don’t remember hearing about him in the podcast