Several Schools Standing Out Early With Top 100 2022 Wide Receiver

Nathan Erbach

When Notre Dame offered La Grange Park (Ill.) Nazareth Academy wide receiver Tyler Morris, it was no secret they would be a school he would strongly consider. The Irish coaching staff has made the Chicago area program a priority of theirs on the trail, and when top prospects arise from there, they are typically in the mix.

The No. 56 recruit in the country and No. 2 recruit in Illinois in the Class of 2022 on 247sports, received his Notre Dame offer over a year ago and was actually the first receiver in the class the Irish coaching staff officially offered. That was the tenth FBS offer for Morris, and since then his list has grown even more.

Most of the Big Ten has offered the standout rising junior including Penn State, Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, Michigan State, Nebraska, Illinois, Northwestern, and he has also received interest from the Purdue coaching staff. Another recent program in the mix for the four-star receiver is Missouri, his first SEC offer, and the Chicago area native admits that Missouri along with Penn State are two schools recruiting him the hardest.

“I would say those are the two schools sticking out right now,” Morris explained to Irish Breakdown. “Those two more recently started showing a ton of interest. I was supposed to go on a visit to Missouri before all this COVID-19 stuff happened, and Penn State I am trying to make it out to a game this year. Schools that are showing more interest in me, I am trying to show that interest back.”

Touching on COVID-19, Morris was recently able to get back on the field with his 7on7 team, Midwest Boom, and they were down in Dallas for the Pylon 7on7 tournament late last month. Before that, he was doing his best to stay in shape even if it meant in some unorthodox ways.

“I’ve been able to see my trainer throughout this, and we were doing workouts in parking lots,” he stated. “He would bring weights with him because the gyms were closed. I’ve also been working out in my basement and throwing the ball with my little brother in the backyard.”

“Now that everything is starting to open back up, getting back to 7on7 has been good,” continued Morris. “Just being able to compete against other guys. It has been nice to be able to go out and compete again.”

Regarding his Notre Dame interest, Morris has been to campus a few times, including for a game this past fall. When he received the offer, he wasn’t in too much contact with the staff, but talks picked up after it was extended. Since then, it has been up and down and he mentioned to Irish Breakdown that he hasn’t spoken to the staff in a few months.

“Our contact has always been sort of up and down,” Morris stated. “When they originally offered, I hadn’t been in contact before that, but soon after that we talked a little bit, and then i don’t know...the past few months it has just kind of fallen off a little bit.”

Even with the lack of contact over the past few months, Notre Dame does have a few things working in their favor with the elite wideout. Academics will play a major role for Morris in choosing a school and the Nazareth/Chicago connection is strong for most kids.

“I think the biggest thing for me in finding a school will be the opportunity with football and after football,” he said. “It is not just four years, it’s for the rest of my life. My decision is going to affect the rest of my life, so the opportunity as far as education is big. Having a degree that is going to help me after football. And then with football, if i really have a chance to play in the NFL, I want to find a school that is going to give me the best chance to do that. After that, just the coaches, the atmosphere of the school and everything. Whatever place just really feels like a family.”

“I think just being in Chicago, there are a lot of people around this area that like Notre Dame,” he continued. “So for them to come to our school and really be interested in kids is a big deal. And then with Julian (Love) going to Nazareth, it was a pretty big deal when I got the offer, and I think there is a pretty good connection with our school.”

Morris wrapped up a stellar sophomore season with over 1,700 total yards and 24 touchdowns, showing why he is one of the best wide receivers in the 2022 class. While he is losing five-star quarterback and Michigan commit, J.J. McCarthy, the 6-0, 175 pound athlete will look to continue his dominance on the football field as he enters his junior year. The contact period for 2022 football recruits begins on September first. At that time, we should get a better idea on the amount of interest from both Notre Dame and Morris.

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No. 1-1

This is a quality WR and good fit for ND on all levels. ND is recruiting so many good WR's that the position options are very crowded and he may be getting lost in the mob.

We'll see how this plays out...ND is a better fit than UM for a player from Nazareth Academy---but he needs to be a focus for ND and that needs to ramped up from where it is now.