Notre Dame has five public offers out at RB for 2021: Here's my ranking of the five from highlight (not full game film) evaluation:

  1. Will Shipley
  2. Camar Wheaton
  3. TreVeyon Henderson
  4. Donovan Edwards
  5. Corey Kiner (who I like a lot, as well)

What are your thoughts/rankings?

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No. 1-2
Brian Smith
Brian Smith

Doubt ND signs Wheaton.

Edwards is the wild card because MI is in turmoil with its O staff (JMO). ND could land him.

I believe Shipley is the best pure RB in the country. Incredible feet in traffic.

Kiner is a classic RB. Could play any place.

I haven’t watched Henderson’s film in a long time. Need to rewatch it.


My thoughts are Camar Wheaton is a freak of nature and TreVeyon Henderson is very close to Chris Tyree's speed and acceleration. Personally I think he is more impressive as his build is better and I think his quickness is slightly better. I think Shipley and Edwards are similar in style.

  1. Camar Wheaton (top back for a reason on all sites)

  2. TreVeyon Henderson (love, love, love his game)

  3. Will Shipley (verstitle back with surprising between the tackles power)

  4. Donovan Edwards (his junior film is impressive and he is running routes now)

  5. Corey Kiner (powerful back but lacks extra gear imo that the others have)