Now that the season is starting to wind down, how do you think ND finishes the 2020 recruiting class? Even with Pryor transferring, I assume they will still try an land Ramon Henderson, if he already hasn't given his silent commit or anything crazy changes. Is ND working hard to land/flip anyone else? We did previously hear rumblings that they may try to take another corner.

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Brian Smith
Brian Smith

I believe ND will end up with one or two more players. Just my guess based on how recruiting usually goes.

I know ND has looked into several players, but some are committed elsewhere while others simply do not possess the grades.

Trying to figure out when something happens will be nothing more than a guess even if I was to told even more new names. These kids change their minds multiple times per day (not kidding). It drives college coaches nuts.

With that said, I expect at least one more CB/ATH to join the ND fold.

pass me the green
pass me the green

Great questions! I think the transfer portal has changed the way teams build/finish off their classes. Imo ND can find a better Ath in the portal than take RH this year.