Part 2: Carmen's Crew TBT Media Session

Adam Prescott

COLUMBUS, Ohio – Members of The Ohio State alumni squad (Carmen’s Crew) sat down for TBT’s media session in advance of their opening game this coming Wednesday. See below for part two of the top soundbites!

EVAN TURNER, on any potential trash talk regarding the Illinois alums and/or his good friend Demetri McCamey, who played for the Fighting Illini in college but is now competing with Carmen’s Crew.

“Nah, not yet… Meechie knows,” Turner said with a smile. “When we talk about things, I usually discuss the Valentine’s Day massacre back on February 14, 2010 and that type of stuff. But not a ton of smack talk yet, just good ole fun.”

DAVID LIGHTY, on Thad Matta famously saying thy should erect a statue of him outside of the Schottenstein Center considering all he did for the program:

“We have to get Holtmann on the bandwagon and tell him to get that statue up there! I was there forever if you ask the fans and people around college basketball. I probably played 20 years. But for me, the experience and overall choice of going to Ohio State still shows to this day. We have been about the brotherhood and tradition of excellence since day one.”

AARON CRAFT, on what teammates have meant to him throughout the years:

“Wow, I think all of them have meant a lot… except for William Buford,” he said through a laugh. “I'm sorry, he (Will) is just sitting over here waiting to come up next so I had to say something.”

AARON CRAFT, on what he will potentially miss the most about the game of basketball:

“William Buford,” he added with another big smile.

Media Session for Carmen's Crew in TBT 2020

JARED SULLINGER, on adding DeShaun Thomas to the roster:

“He is an Elam Ender… that’s what he does. “He was a top-five scorer in the Euro League and didn’t even play that many minutes. We have been trying to get him to play every year, and things finally aligned.”

WILLIAM BUFORD, on following up last year’s MVP performance:

“It’s just about playing my game. My teammates obviously have trust in me to score the ball. They put me in a great position to score and great spot to earn MVP last year. But we are just going out trying to win, regardless of who gets MVP. If I get it, I get it. But I just want to win.”

LENZELLE SMITH JR., on coming to be involved with Carmen’s Crew this year:

“Honestly, I think I was supposed to be rocking since the beginning but I had injuries and bad timing with other stuff. It’s a blessing to finally be out here now with my boys. I’m excited to get it cracking in the tournament and have some fun.”

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