Spielman & Hooley: Transfers a Routine Nuisance

Keeping basketball players happy seems impossible in this era
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The latest edition of the Spielman and Hooley podcast includes the kind gesture made by the purchaser of Chris' 1984 Big Ten Championship ring, the drama surrounding his COVID-19 relief auctions being halted and then restored, broadcast plans for the NFL Draft, a nefarious possibility making NFL GMs nervous and Luther Muhammad's transfer from Ohio State.

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Spielman's 1984 Big Ten championship ring sells for $12,000, with every penny going toward the podcast's Friday drawings that award cash to those nominated for COVID-19 relief.

The man who purchased the ring makes a magnanimous gesture to restore it to the Spielman family in the future.

The three items auctioned so far have brought in over $16,000 toward the goal of $40,000.

The power of social media comes to Spielman's defense when something happened Sunday to take the auctions down for a few hours.

The resolution of that matter is a testament to the benefits of talking out issues of disagreement and winds up putting more money toward not just COVID-19 relief, but the Stefanie Spielman Fund for Breast Cancer Research.

Reports are that NFL Draft coverage will merge the talents at ESPN and the NFL Network.

Vikings GM Rick Spielman has a bandwidth issue, and many other concerns, as the virtual NFL Draft approaches.

The Houston Astros used artificial intelligence to gain a competitive advantage. What if that same sort of thinking applies to the NFL Draft and espionage intrudes?

Rick Spielman demonstrated brotherly loyalty in a fashion that will never be forgotten.

Luther Muhammad enters the Transfer Portal.

What is going on with Buckeye hoops and the defections?

Each of the four departures from players who could have returned next year fall under one umbrella, and it's not a flattering umbrella. Or, at least, it didn't used to be.

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