Ryan Day denies Fox TV Report Maryland Turned in Chase Young


One of the lingering questions since Chase Young's eligibility question arose Friday afternoon is how the matter of his disputed loan came to light and resulted in him being forced to the sidelines.

Fox broadcasters Gus Johnson and Joel Klatt strongly suggested near the end of the first half of OSU's game against Maryland on Saturday that Maryland is behind the issue surfacing.

Ohio State coach Ryan Day, asked about the accusation after his team's 73-14 victory, dismissed the broadcasters' comments.

"No," Day said. "Nothing like that at all. Nothing like that at all. Nope. That (end-of-half strategy) wasn't anything. We're always going to be aggressive in the first half. I feel like when you're playing the first half of any game, anything can happen in the second half. You do the best you can to be aggressive.

"...By no means would I ever try to run up the score at all. We're letting our guys play. That would be completely out of line."

Ohio State had just scored to lead, 42-0, when Johnson and Klatt noted that OSU coach Ryan Day called a timeout after Maryland's first- and second-down plays to stop the clock.

Klatt: "Ryan Day pouring it on a little bit here."

Johnson: "It's personal."

Klatt: Yeah, this is interesting, partner, with what's going on this week."

Johnson: "Remember, Chase Young is from that Washington D.C. area. (He) said he borrowed money from a family friend. Who would know about that."

Klatt laughed and added, "This seems interesting. 42-0, take the timeouts..."

Ohio State nearly blocked the ensuing Maryland punt after a third-down incompletion, but then took a knee to end the half.

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This is a very inaccurate headline. Coach Day denied running up the score as payback for turning in Chase. He never commented about the source of the allegation or denied that Maryland turned in the reported violation.