Justin Fields Never Considered Opting Out Because of CoVID-19

Brendan Gulick

Justin Fields was elected as one of the seven captains for the Ohio State Buckeyes this year, and for good reason. Fields immediately became the focal point of last year's offense as he led the team to the College Football Playoff. 

But the 2020 season isn't yet guaranteed and some notable players across the country have begun to back out of playing this season. Amidst all of the uncertainty, Fields was asked on a teleconference Tuesday if he's has considered opting out this year to focus on the 2021 NFL Draft, in which he is expected to be among the first players selected. 

His answer was clear.

"I really feel like people have different situations in whether they should opt out or not," Fields said. "Some people's families might not be as financially stable as others. Plus, me growing up as a kid, I've always been a competitor and I've always loved to play football. Me just growing up with my family, I never really needed anything. My family has provided me with everything I've needed."

"So, getting to money as fast as I can isn't really a priority for me. Just playing with my teammates and grinding every day with (strength) coach Mick (Marotti) during workouts and working on plays and stuff like that, that's what I'm cherishing the most right now. So, I'm just working with them and really looking forward to the season. I'm just trying to stay as optimistic as possible right now. But as far as opting out, I mean, I can see where those guys are coming from, but I never thought about opting out."

It won't be easy for Fields to top his 2019 season, but Buckeye fans will be glad to know he intends to try. He said his personal goals this year include winning the Heisman Trophy, but it's more important to him that the team beat Michigan, win the Big Ten Title and win a national championship.

"I think that is what the team is focused on the most right now, just getting better each and every day and treating every day like it's our last day," Fields said. "So, I think everybody is working as hard as possible to try and achieve our goals as a team."

And when he was asked about if he minded potentially playing Michigan early in the season with a rearranged schedule?

"No, I don't care at all. I just want to play them and beat the brakes off them."

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