June Brings Normalcy Back to the Recruiting Trail for Oklahoma

The NCAA Dead Period expired on May 31, meaning programs can finally host recruits on campus.
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June is here, and finally normalcy will return to recruiting.

As the calendar turns, the 15-month NCAA Dead Period expired, which means all of the COVID restrictions placed on recruiting are now lifted.

For the first time, players in the 2022 recruiting class can officially undergo official visits on college campuses. Previously, the players could visit in unofficial capacities, meaning they would have to pay their own way to arrive on campus and they could not have any contact with coaches or representatives of the football programs.

The Oklahoma Sooners are hoping to take advantage of the return of normal recruiting right out of the gate.

OU’s annual ChampU BBQ is scheduled for June 18-20, and will play host to a who’s who of official visitors.

Though the Sooners made waves during the era of virtual visits, there is no replacement for hosting recruits on campus so they can see the facilities in Norman first hand, as well as the ability to show off the family atmosphere the coaching staff has worked so hard to foster.

Official visits aren’t just limited to June, however.

Running back commit Raleek Brown has already announced he will be headed to Norman Sept. 17-19, when the Sooners will be playing host to the Nebraska Cornhuskers.

Even with all of the extra restrictions, the Sooners still have nine verbal commits already pledged for their 2022 class, but the OU coaches will finally be able to utilize every tool in their arsenal now that normalcy has finally returned to recruiting.