Kenneth Murray was Confident on the Cotton Bowl Floor

Joe Fan Sports

Kenneth Murray and his Sooner Defensive teammates felt very comfortable on the floor of the Cotton Bowl last Saturday and why would that be? It was because they felt like they knew what was coming,  "We had a feeling" when they looked across the line of scrimmage and saw how the Texas Longhorns were lining up, The OU Defensive coaches had drilled their charges on the Longhorns tendencies so often the players including middle Linebacker Murray seemed to beat their Texas counterparts to the point of attack.  

Murray went on to say " We know what it looks like for us to play great defense on our side of the ball and the narrative was that Texas was our first REAL test" Pass the test they did! The Sooners held the potent Texas Offensive attack to just over 300 total yards along with 9 sacks and 15 total tackles for loss, Now the question becomes how do they not get complacent Murray says that's easy. "Preparation and the time put in is the key to continuing to get better, you can't cheat the process" To Kenneth Murray and his mates that's how you continue to get better, It remains to be seen come this Saturday against West Virginia