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Oklahoma-West Virginia QuoteBook

The best of the postgame quotes from Saturday night following Oklahoma's 16-13 win over the West Virginia Mountaineers.

After Oklahoma took its first lead of the night on Gabe Brkic's walk-off field goal in the Sooners' 16-13 win over West Virginia on Saturday night in Norman, Oklahoma coaches and players discussed a competitive, frustrating and exhilarating evening: 

“The whole offense, we'll own what we didn't do well. We're not gonna shy away from that. I tell you what, it takes a lot of balls, alright, to do what we did there at the end. So people better see that, too.”

— Lincoln Riley

“Of course, it always helps us a lot more when our fanbase supports us. I'll come out and say that. I wanna play better offensively more than anybody out there, but them being behind us is what helps. Spencer handled it. It didn't bother him at all.”

— Riley

“We kind of just lock in on what we have to lock in on. I don’t really like … I don’t care. We don’t care. It doesn’t matter to us. We’re out here to win a game and they’re in the stands. … We all heard it. … You just got to deal with it. I really don’t know why they were doing it, but I mean …”

— Spencer Rattler on the student section chanting for his backup, Caleb Williams

“Absolutely. It ain’t easy, man. It's a big job, it's not easy, and I'll tell you on the sideline, he was never rattled, not one bit. Like the deal where we bust a route and he makes probably his best read, or best throw of the night, it turns into a pick. So many guys could say, ‘Well,’ and go in the tank. ‘Nothing going right for me, I mean even when I do it right it's not working.’ And he hung in there and I think showed some real poise that he's been there. He’s got a good makeup about him. He's a tough kid. He's going to continue to get better, we're going to continue to get better round him.”

— Riley on Rattler bouncing back from a slow start to lead his team to victory

“On the interception, the turnover, we had a communication error. We were supposed to run a post on the outside, instead we run a curl. That let the corner drop off and make a play. Just small little things like that. Things that may not catch your guys’ eyes but things we need to work on.”

— Rattler

“We’re happy to be 4-0. We’re not satisfied with the way we’re winning, but a win is a win. Personally, I thought that last drive showed maturity. Last year, a lot of things could have happened during that drive and that situation. This year, we’ve had a couple of drives like that and converted them to win a game.”

— Rattler

“Sometimes those opening drives, in their openers, they have a plan for you. Something obviously we gotta take a look at it to see if maybe they saw a deficiency in us defensively that they looked to attack early in the game.”

— Alex Grinch on giving up another opening drive touchdown

“Really? It is (shocking). We had an opportunity a couple years ago (against) Army. It’s awesome, man. We’ve really spent a lot of time in the offseason, for our guys, challenging them to be finishers, knowing that you're going to have to win these different ways. Means a lot. Just finding a way there at the end it's something that — honestly, especially at a place like Oklahoma, sometimes it's tougher to do that at home. It's just the expectations and if you let that get to you as a player, it can almost make it, at times, more difficult at home, and again I give our team a lot of credit. We fought through it, crowd was great at the end, fun night in there and yeah, there’s no better feeling than finding a way when it's all on the line.”

— Riley on the first walk-off, game-winning field goal in program history

“I was scared to look. I had my armed wrapped around Billy and I was scared that he was going to miss it. Just the emotions that run through you when you’re in that last, in the last play of the game possibly. But I had faith in Gabe. I’ve seen him make kicks 30 yards deeper.”

— Isaiah Thomas on Gabe Brkic’s game-winner

“The only thing that was going through my head was ‘Let’s go into the locker room and turn up’ because I’ve got complete faith in Gabe Brkic. He’s the best kicker in the country, and it was on like the 10-yard line. There’s no way Gabe is missing that, so I was just ready to get back inside and turn up with my boys.”

— Perrion Winfrey on Brkic’s kick

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“Well, they just leave me alone. Brey Walker will give me a ‘yessir.’ He’ll turn around and say that. Everybody leaves me alone. I just do my job. Lock in mentally, and that’s it.”

— Gabe Brkic

“He’s on like a historical run. I think earlier this year he had three field goals over 50 yards in one game. He’s known for kicking game winners. So I mean, we were just anticipating celebrating.”

— Pat Fields on Brkic

“Gabe's automatic to me, so I knew there was no doubt in my mind he was gonna make it.”

— Woods

“He came up to us and he just told us ‘It’s time to start driving.’ We give him time up front and he’ll make the throws, and we did that exact thing out there and it led to the game-winning kick by Gabe.”

— Tyrese Robinson on what Spencer Rattler said before the game-winning drive

“Those are the moments that you come to a school like this for, and those are the moments that the big players rise up in, and great teams win in those moments. It was a huge drive for us.”

— Mike Woods on the final drive

“You can’t be a fan as a defender. You have a role in this organization, that’s to get stops. We got enough tonight, obviously there’s a lot of things we’ve gotta be better at, but really taking a personal ownership in our performance. That’s something that’s constantly you’re working on and constantly getting ingrained in them. You don’t ride the rollercoaster in terms of what the scoreboard reads.”

— Grinch on playing to a standard regardless of what the offense is doing

“I don't want to make it like it was just some bloodbath out there and we were just awful on the offensive line, cause we weren't. They’re a talented front that showed up — there was just some individual plays that showed up and we just got beat.”

— Riley on the offensive line

“At the end of the day, we’re Oklahoma. We’re taking everybody’s best shot. No game is – we’re gonna walk in and whoop everybody by 30. No one is going to do that. This is everybody’s Super Bowl when we play them. We’re going to get everybody’s best shot. We have to do our best job to respond.”

— Nik Bonitto

“I think people love college football and people love athletics because it’s hard. A majority of the population can’t do it. We’re in the top two percent of the world athletically. And that being said we embrace the hard things. We recognize that this is hard. We recognize that college football is hard, and I think it’s just an excitement behind it. We want to lean into the hard things because the harder you have to go after something, the harder, the more you feel the reward on the back end.”

— Fields

“I think this is first time all year where we didn’t win the turnover battle. Life would’ve gotten a whole lot better for us if we had more takeaways.”

— Alex Grinch

“Chicken and pasta was not smacking this morning. It was a little soggy. I had a little rice and beef.”

— Brkic on his pregame meal this time