Chase Spivey

OU/Texas Record Setting Ratings.

11am games are words that the Oklahoma Sooner fan base is accustomed to by now. With the latest schedule pitting the OU/KSU game at 11am, on 10/26, this is now the fifth consecutive week that the Sooners are playing in the early time slot. How did this impact ratings against the Longhorns?

The Red River Rivalry game was not only a big one for Big 12 and playoff implications, it was also had HUGE ratings. Although an 11am kickoff, the OU/Texas game was the most watched game of the day. Let me remind you that Florida/LSU, two top 10 teams, squared off in Death Valley.

The ratings didn’t stop there. The Sooners and Longhorns battle was the most watched RRR since 2009, when Texas was last relevant. This game was also the most watched game on FOX, all season. People complain about the 11am kickoffs, but with the Sooners being relevant and a big-time draw, they will constantly get this time slot. The SEC Game of the Day kicks at 2:30 pm. The primetime game on ABC kicks at roughly 7pm. With the networks, primarily FOX, looking to draw the most viewers in, OU will always be the top option.

Until the rest of the Big 12 gets better, there will be plenty more of the dreaded 11am games for the Sooners and their fans.

  • Austin Wood