OU-Texas Tech: One Big Thing

Sooners can't have a setback as their climb continues Saturday at Texas Tech
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Lincoln Riley said it himself: The answer is boring.

But Oklahoma’s reality in starting 1-2 was that the the Sooners had hit bottom, and the only way back to the top is one step at a time.

“It’s just kind of a boring answer, but right now it’s just kind of a constant climb for us in all phases,” Riley said. “We’ve seen the last several weeks, there’s been, no question, improvement on all three phases each game. And if we can keep that up, we’ll be tough to handle here as this thing goes on.”

No. 24-ranked OU (3-2) goes to Texas Tech on Saturday night having won its last two games. Beating Texas in overtime and dominating TCU for four quarters showed this team what they can be. The Sooners are literally two plays from being 5-0 and probably ranked in the top five.

Now the key is to continue that improvement, to keep that momentum going in the upward direction. That means the defensive line must keep making plays, the linebackers must remain steady, the defensive backs must continue getting better. The offensive line must keep building chemistry, the running backs and must get more experience, and the quarterback must keep improving his poise and command of the offense.

“We just gotta grow,” Riley said. “I don’t know that there’s one area that we sit there and say, ‘Man, if we could just get this one thing right we’re gonna be pretty good,’ or one side of the ball. I think we’re climbing as a team. I think we have some momentum right now.

“We’re a team that’s been great as far as practice and preparation and been hungry to continue to improve. I think if we keep doing that, we might be pretty decent by the end of this thing.”

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