Podcast: Is Jalen Hurts Bound For Norman

Erik Gee

Segment 1: Kyler Murray seems very torn, there is an easy solution to his issues. Come back to OU for his final year. Jalen Hurts will visit OU if Kyler Murray decides he going to the NFL or MLB.

Segment 2: What am I thinking if I am Spencer Rattler? Bobby Evans is going to the NFL how does OU replace four of the offensive line.

Segment 3: Kliff in the NFL, I want this to work.

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I'm all for bringing Hurts to Norman if Murray goes pro. He is experienced and would thrive under Riley. Rattler can redshirt and still see some action in 4 games. Plus, Hurts would just be here a year and would not disrupt Rattler's path to a starting job if he is as good as he seems to be.


I like the pressure for Murray to make a decision. Could he win Heisman a second time ?