Podcast: Kyler Murray: The Humble Superstar

Erik Gee

Segment 1: How Heisman voters think, why it's not a bad thing to do your ballot early. Voters are prisoners of two things, the moment and who they cover. I would love to see him and Baker get their statues at the same time. Not sure Kyler is comfortable in the spotlight, he grew up knowing he was destined for greatness.

Segment 2: OU's defense is the worst in CFP history, so tell us something new. By the numbers, this season should not have happened. OU is benefiting from a down Big 12.

Segment 3: Sooners Notre Dame tonight tipoff at 6 on ESPN both teams are 6-1, TJ Gibbs 6-3 guard averaging 14 points per game, John Mooney listed as a 6-9 forward who is averaging 11-8, and Rex Pfluger just because I like saying his name.