Report: Texas Lawmakers File Bill to Prevent Longhorns From Leaving Big 12 for SEC

It’s just the latest sign that things won’t be easy for Texas as they look to bolt for the SEC along with Oklahoma.
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It was obvious there would be some hiccups, right?

Oklahoma and Texas’ soon-to-be-officially-announced move to the SEC has made tidal waves across the country over the past few days with reactions still pouring in from every possible angle and entity.

Saturday has now seen one of the more interesting courses of action as Texas state lawmakers have filed a legislation that would prohibit Texas public colleges and universities from switching their affiliations with collegiate athletic conferences without approval, according to a report from the Texas Tribune as interpreted by SI’s Longhorns Country.

Rep. Dustin Burrows filed the bill and released a statement on some of the thought process that went into doing so.

“A decision to switch to a different athletic conference affects the opportunity and stability of our publicly funded universities across the state and must be fully vetted in the most transparent and comprehensive manner possible,” Burrow said.

Time will tell what exactly this all means but it is undeniable that Texas’ expected move to the SEC will indeed have a negative impact on other programs in the state. After all, the Big 12 will likely be on life support without its two blue blood programs.

That being said, this almost certainly won't actually impact the Longhorns' switching of conferences. In all likelihood, this is more of a gesture and some political posturing more than anything. 

According to an excerpt from the Tribune, the bill is symbolic, unrelated to topics sent to Gov. Greg Abbott and therefore ineligible to be passed into law  

Nevertheless, it’s another element worth keeping an eye on as this massive story continues to unfold in the coming days and weeks. 

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