Riley-West Virginia Game Will Define OU Defense

Joe Fan Sports

Coach Lincoln Riley said in his Monday Prerss Conference that the upcoming West Virginia game will define the OU defense better than the Texas game did. Riley said everyone expects maximum effort against Texas but can we [the coaches] get them to refocus and regroup and give that type of performance against West Virginia, If they can then Riley believes that the OU defense can be on the road to becoming very good, Coach Grinch when asked about Riley's comments responded " the way to make that happen is to practice the same way each day"  " We practice the very first practice of Houston prep week like we practice the very first practice of West Virginia prep"  "There's lots of film to suggest this defense is very average and there's lots of film that suggests this defense is very good" " We don't hide from that" That my friends is the challenge facing this OU defense, can they play with the intensity and focus they showed against Texas against the rest of the schedule- if they can OU's defense can be pretty darn good!