SI Sooners Podcast, Ep. 15

John. E. Hoover

Publisher John Hoover and deputy editor Parker Thune break down every aspect of Oklahoma's shocking 38-35 loss to Kansas State and offer up the actual reasons WHY it happened, plus, a full analysis of the Sooners' latest verbal commit in the 2021 recruiting class, WR Jalil Farooq, who gave SI Sooners an exclusive interview explaining why he chose OU.

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No. 1-1

Actually your decision to go for a 1st down on 4th and 7 yards at the end of the game would have been a risky call. Rattlers was very rattled (no pun intended) by the 4th quarter because the offensive line fell apart in the 2nd half and that's tough on a freshmen just out of high school. Had the defense not held the game would have been over but they did what the coach asked them to do....get us the ball back. Rattler got another chance to get them within field goal range and his accuracy was way off due to K states pass rush i.e. throwing behind the wide out doing a cross over route. ... So if he can't make that simple pass what makes you think he can toss one for seven yards on a do or die situation? Coaches call bad.