The Old Misdirection Play

Joe Fan Sports

Sitting in the Sooners interview room this week and listening to OU Offensive line coach Bill Bedenbaugh talk about how well his starters played against Texas, it suddenly hit  me What if it was a set-up? What if Coach Riley and Coach Bedenbaugh set-up Tom Herman with "The Old Misdirection Play" and purposely held both starting tackles out of the Kansas game? Because if they did they seemed to have caught the Texas coaching staff by  surprise, and if not the coaching staff at least they caught the Longhorn Defensive front off guard! Now I know you will never get either side to admit to any of this and maybe I'm just spit-balling but what if they really did catch the Longhorns off guard, What an advantage OU had with both starting tackles back. It was apparent from the very first Sooner offensive play, Kennedy Brooks around the right side for 26 yards and that set the tone for the rest of the game. with OU achieving the largest rushing yards deficit in the last few years. OU gained 276  yards to only 100 for Texas. Jalen Hurts set a Collegiate Cotton Bowl record with 131 yards on 17 carries and Kennedy Brooks getting 105 on 10 carries. Maybe OU could have gotten that kind of production with a substitute line but one thing is certain they did it with starters and just maybe with the help of "The Old Misdirection Play" 

Rick Heath