Bedlam basketball game postponed

Feb. 25 game in Stillwater pushed to March 1; Feb. 27 game in Norman still on for now
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Oklahoma’s Bedlam basketball rematch with Oklahoma State has been postponed, the Big 12 Conference announced Monday.

Because of postponements from COVID-19, the series this year had already been adjusted to Feb. 25 in Stillwater and Feb. 27 in Norman.

The first game has now been pushed back to Monday, March 1 due to weather concerns.

“It’s a crazy year,” OU coach Lon Kruger said Monday, “and players, I think, across the country have handled it extremely well even though it’s been frustrating and difficult at times. I think hats off to all the players as to how they’ve endured it and hung in there.”

OU is scheduled to play No. 13-ranked Texas on Tuesday night in Norman, but that game also could be postponed due to weather complications between Austin and Norman.

“Absolutely, it’s part of the deal,” Kruger said. “I think teams around the country are as prepared, given all the COVID adjustments, to handle weather or injury or foul trouble or whatever else, because players all over the country have had to adjust and take it in stride and do whatever it is we need to do to play the next game — whenever that is. So we’ll plan on playing Tuesday night, tomorrow night, but if that doesn’t happen, we’ll adjust and move on to whatever lies ahead.”

Whether the Sooners play Texas or not, No. 12-ranked Oklahoma can expect a boost in the rankings after Saturday’s 91-90 win at West Virginia.