When will O'Brate Stadium Open? Maybe Earlier than You Think

Robert Allen

STILLWATER -- Josh Holliday is one of those people that gets it. The Oklahoma State baseball head coach was raised right, although raised on baseball and sports. When the COVID-19 pandemic struck the hardest at sports on the day that the NCAA cancelled all winter and spring sports championships, then the next day the Big 12 and other conferences cancelled the seasons it hit hard. He lost a good team that was building momentum, but he lost one of the most anticipated and almost certain to be glorious nights in Cowboy baseball history.

"To say we're disappointed would be the understatement of all-time," Holliday said on Triple Play Sports Radio. "On opening night (for the brand new O'Brate Stadium) we would have seen a crowd and an atmosphere never before captured on this campus.

"We would have been splitting at the seams with the capacity and all the people that had bought tickets and we would have had a once in a lifetime atmosphere with all that had been put in to getting President George Bush here to throw out the first pitch and open the stadium with Mr. O'Brate," Holliday added. 

Holliday delivered a message on social media the day of the much anticipated opening on Friday, March 20. Then later that day he couldn't help himself.

"I actually pulled my car into the lot about the time the first pitch would have been thrown and I was thinking people would have been having a really good time right then," said Holliday, who is a romantic when it comes to sports. "It ended up being a clear, cool night and good for baseball."

Now the question begs when will the Oklahoma State family open up O'Brate Stadium? I kept thinking it would be next season. Holliday told me he thought the home opener next season was with Illinois State. Not quite TCU or a powerhouse non conference opponent.  

Josh Holliday said that could be moved up. No one can predict the future, but if things were to normalize for a fall semester. Baseball now has scrimmages with other schools in the fall. Nobody says you can't suit up and have a big-time ceremony with one of those. Last fall, Oklahoma State scrimmaged Arkansas in Stillwater and national champion Vanderbilt in Kansas City. I'd take bringing Vandy to Stillwater. The opponent is completely unknown, but the idea is there.

"We're working internally with Coach (Mike) Holder (athletics director) where maybe we could come up with launching O'Brate Stadium with one of the fall scrimmages that we are permitted to have," Holliday injected. "It would be our preference to tap into that quality weather in that time of year and some of the events that come into play that time of year. Get in there sooner, rather than later and move into our new house. Hopefully when some of the real pressing issues here are settled then we can shift focus and come in with a great plan to move in there."

I love it. Open O'Brate of the eve of a big home football weekend. 

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Should forego the summer season, if there is one, if we get a break w/ this virus and start the season in June and finish in Aug or Sept.

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