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Recruiting: Oklahoma has the Top-Rated Wide Receiver in the 2022 Class in Shettron

You have to think the proliferation of spread offense in college in this area has spawned the Oklahoma prep ranks to have Talyn Shettron the top receiver in the class of 2022.

EDMOND -- About as strange as this pandemic era where football players and coaches are masked up in the fight of COVID-19 with the hopes of playing football is the fact that ESPN has ranked an Oklahoma player as the top wide receiver in all of the class of 2022.

Now, a running back, quarterback, offensive or defensive lineman, sure. Hey, Oklahoma has produced it's share of tough linebackers and hard hitting safeties. Edmond Santa Fe wide receiver Talyn Shettron can probably thank the influx of spread offenses, wide open air-raid attacks at the college level for having ESPN truly recognize his talent. 

Thanks to the flow of football, which sometimes flows from the NFL through college and down to high school or can originate in high school and see good X-and-O ideas travel upstream, this time has put wide open, full throttle offense in the prep level in Oklahoma and given Shettron opportunity to catch 65 passes for 856-yards and nine touchdowns as a sophomore. 

How does it feel to be ranked at the top at his position in his class?

"It feels great," Shettron said. "There's a lot of great receivers in my class and I'm honored to be recognized as the best one, but I've got to put in a lot more work to stay there."

Shettron has track athletic ability combined with a shrewd football IQ for playing his position. He has attracted 19 scholarship offers from many high powered schools. Oklahoma State offensive coordinator and wide receivers coach Kasey Dunn has been on him longer than anybody. He has seen that Shettron puts as much effort into blocking on the perimeter for a run as he does running a route to catch the football. 

In the recruiting realm, Shettron talks Oklahoma State, Oklahoma, and Notre Dame the most, but his recruiting is far from over and his offers are far from capped at 19. There will be more. The question is can any schools edge in on that top list he is most familiar with.

"I'd say OSU, OU, out of state I'd say Notre Dame," Shettron said. "The playing field's kind of even right now, I really haven't really looked into it that much, but I need to start doing that. I've got a great relationship with OSU and OU and I'm just looking to build those relationships."

Shettron, with his athletic ability, is capable of a lot of things. We saw him working on blocking field goals and extra points and with his quickness and long frame, he ought to be pretty good at it. He is willing to do whatever and you could also see him returning kickoffs too.

"I'm just gonna do whatever the team needs me to do to win," Shettron said. "I'm a winner first before my own attributes, so I want to win. So, whatever the team needs me to do to win, I'm gonna do that."

Santa Fe gets started with a pair of really tough contests as they open on the road at Class 6A-1 State Champion Owasso Aug. 28 and then will be the season and home opener for Class 6A-2 runner-up Stillwater on Sept. 4. These will be excellent opportunities for Shettron to prove his standing.