Behind Enemy Sidelines: NCAA Player Empowerment and a Less Toxic Egg Bowl?

Nate Gabler

Welcome to the newest feature from The Grove Report – Behind Enemy Sidelines.

Each week, we're going to be joined by Joel Coleman of Sports Illustrated's Cowbell Corner for a collaborative video show targeting all Mississippians. 

And after this past week, one in which Mississippi was in headlines all around the nation, is there really a better time to start?

In our pilot episode, Joel and Nate Gabler of The Grove Report talk about the power that NCAA athletes wield and how they're really just now realizing that they have that power. 

We also talk the change of the Mississippi State flag, first-year head coach win totals and one more really interesting topic – is the Egg Bowl going to be a little less toxic of a rivalry moving forward? 

See above for the full video or below for more targeted clips.

On Player Empowerment:

Will the Egg Bowl be Less Toxic Moving Forward?:

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