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Elijah Moore Breaks A.J. Brown's Ole Miss Receptions Record in Egg Bowl Win

Elijah Moore has officially put together the best receiving season in Ole Miss football history.

Elijah Moore has officially put together the best receiving season in Ole Miss football history. 

As part of the Ole Miss 31-24 win over Mississippi State in the 2020 Egg Bowl, Moore officially passed A.J. Brown as the Ole Miss single-season receptions record holder with 86. Brown put together 85 in his 2018 campaign, one that still holds the 1,320 receiving yards record for a season. 

Moore came into Saturday's Egg Bowl with 74 receptions through seven games on the season, trailing Brown's 85 by just nine. He tied that record in the third quarter, breaking it just minutes later with a short reception in the fourth quarter. 

He would finish Saturday's game with 12 catches for 139 yards, leaving him exactly at that 86 number for the season thus far. He's now up to 1,193 receiving yards on the year, very much in sight of Brown's receiving yards record. 

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The truly remarkable thing here isn't that Moore is breaking records – records are meant to be broken – it's how he's breaking them. A.J. Brown, like nearly every NCAA football record holder, did so in a 12 game season in which he played just eight conference games and four non-conference games. 

Moore is doing all of this in a season shortened to ten games by COVID-19. Not just does he have two less games to break all of these records, but he's doing it exclusively against SEC teams. There's no cupcake 14 catch games against Southern Alabama – this is one of the most impressive records in the Ole Miss books. 

The last three games of this season, Moore has 14, 13 and 12 catches in each game. It's likely that he'll not just break Brown's receiving yards record, but that he'll put this single-season receptions record forever out of reach. 

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