Ole Miss and Florida Preparing for Dual-Pregame Demonstration on Saturday

Nate Gabler

Lane Kiffin and Dan Mullen are up to something. 

Ole Miss players and coaches have shown a desire to demonstrate support of social justice causes, in particular efforts to raise awareness about police brutality and racial inequalities over the course of this offseason.

It appears that such actions will continue into the season, as Ole Miss head coach Lane Kiffin told media on Monday that the Rebels and visiting Florida Gators will be conducting some sort of on-field demonstration leading into the season opener game. 

"We have an idea of what we're going to do. I think it'll be pretty neat when you guys see it," Kiffin said. "The schedule now, as long as it goes as plans, is to do something with Florida. Both teams are on the same page."

For what it's worth, Rebel senior linebacker Lakia Henry spoke to media on Monday shortly after Kiffin. Henry claimed to have not heard anything about such a demonstration, but stated upon hearing about it that "that's impressive and I thank coach Kiffin for that."

Technically, Kiffin did not specify as to whether such a demonstration would occur before the game. However, that is the safe assumption of timing. Whether such actions would appear on the national television broadcast, as the game is televised on ESPN, is unclear. 

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The “fan” cardboard cutouts sold by Ole Miss will be captivated by the demonstration...For fear of missing something...they won’t even blink! 🤣


Protest all they want. I won’t be watching. 🤬😡


I won’t be watching.

Elvis the rebel
Elvis the rebel

Leave the protesting outside the stadium. If players want to play in front of crowds with 25% capacity next year, keep protesting this season and get your wishes next season. The death of college and pro sports. It is the fans that pay the bills.