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Through the Lens: See Ole Miss Rebels Create History in 31-21 Win Over Mississippi State Bulldogs

Ole Miss locked in a 31-21 win over in-state rival Mississippi State, and the Rebels brought the Egg Bowl trophy back to Oxford. Here are photographers' views of the action.
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Ole Miss locked in a regular season record of 10-2 after a victory over Mississippi State, something never-before done at the University of Mississippi.

The Egg Bowl has been a tradition for Mississippi State and Ole Miss to battle it out for the Golden Egg Trophy. As a native of Mississippi, I have seen many households be divided over who wins this game. 

I watched the game with my family after having a Thanksgiving meal, so here are photos from other photographers' lenses to help tell the story. 

The first quarter consisted of multiple field goal attempts with no touchdowns. The first points for the Rebels came from a successful first field goal attempt from Cale Nation.

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Snoop Conner scored the first touchdown of the game before the two-minute mark before halftime. The score was 10-6 at halftime, meaning the game could go in favor of either team in the second half. 

The third quarter consisted of another Snoop Conner rushing touchdown after Matt Corral was short of the goal line. Sam Williams was able to bring down Mississippi State's quarterback with sacks resulting in the silencing of cowbells and the furthering of his single-season sack record at Ole Miss.

The game ended with a 31-21 Rebel win, and the Egg Bowl trophy stays in Oxford another year. Ole Miss is likely heading to a New Year's Six bowl game in New Orleans or Atlanta to cap off its historic run this fall.

Video Highlights of Ole Miss Rebels vs Mississippi State Bulldogs: 

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