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Through the Lens: Ole Miss vs Tennessee 31-26 Game Sponsored By Popcorn, Mustard and Flying Golf Balls

Ole Miss wins game in Knoxville, but the game is delayed by several random items.
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The Ole Miss Rebels and Tennessee Volunteers put on a show Saturday night while I popped some popcorn to enjoy during the game. 

The game had some official calls that were deemed unfair by some fans in the stands. This game had lots of hype as Lane Kiffin visited his former team's home. Unfortunately, some fans were not welcoming towards him. 

This week I took a break from the sidelines, which seemed to be in my favor near the end of the game. I would not have appreciated my camera equipment getting hit by mustard bottles or yellow golf balls. I watched the game with my dad on the couch in my house. 

Although the game was exciting overall, the most entertainment came with a minute to go in the game. Tennessee failed to convert a 4th & 24, and fans seemed to disagree with the officials' call as they pelted the field with debris. Random items started flying on the field hitting team members, cheerleaders, photographers, etc. Even Lane Kiffin got hit by a yellow golf ball. Two weeks ago, memes and funny images were made about popcorn. This week it is mustard and a yellow golf ball. I can't wait to see what is next. 

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Ole Miss plays LSU next Saturday, Oct. 23, in Oxford at 2:30 CT. Eli Manning will be in attendance retiring his No. 10 jersey. 

See the Reaction from the Stands at 0:54 in the 4th Quarter:

See Video Highlights of Ole Miss vs Tennessee Volunteers: 

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