Nevada Player Claims that Teammates 'Gave Up' at Halftime of Loss to Oregon


Unfortunately for the Nevada Wolfpack, they were on the receiving end of one of the worst losses in NCAA football history this past week, and it seems that they feel they were partly responsible. 

The Oregon Ducks laid a 77-6 beatdown on Nevada, a week removed from being embarrassed on national TV at the hands of the Auburn Tigers. Dom Peterson, a defensive tackle for the Wolf Pack, says that they were unlucky from the start, having to face the Ducks in what many looked at as a "prove me" game.

“I guess they had to prove to people that they’re still a championship-contending team," Peterson said, via OregonLive. “I’m just mad that it was us. I feel like we could’ve done way better. I personally think we gave up at the half, which is something I’ve never seen from our team, ever, from last year to now. I was more disappointed than anything in the fact that we gave up because I know we could do better.”

While Peterson says that his teammates gave up around him, Nevada's coach, Jay Norvell, says that he disagrees with the way Oregon went about the victory, accusing them of running up the score late. The Ducks ran 13-run plays to 5-pass plays, which resulted in two touchdowns in the final quarter. Still, Norvell took the time to acknowledge Oregon's triumph and gave credit where credit was due. 

The 77-6 was the worst loss for Nevada since 1920, and it tied the record for most points scored in Autzen Stadium. With the Montana Grizzlies coming to Eugene this upcoming weekend, the Ducks will likely have another chance to break some offensive records before getting into Pac-12 play against Stanford the following week.