The Dior Johnson Blog: New Ink, Syracuse Visit and More

Dior Johnson

Dior Johnson is a five-star point guard in the 2022 class and is averaging more than 30 points a game this season at Mayfair (Lakewood, Calif.). That's got everyone from Memphis to Arizona State to Syracuse, and many more, all in hot pursuit. Now, Johnson has agreed to give SI All-American exclusive access into his world by chronicling everything from intimate details about his recruitment to his everyday life in a blog.

What's up world, it's Dior coming at you with my first blog with Sports Illustrated so I'm excited about the opportunity. 

Well, it's been a long season so far and we've had our ups and downs, but I feel like we're going in the right direction. Individually, it's been great for me; I feel like I've been playing well and leaving it all on the floor. I'm averaging 31 points, six assists and four rebounds a game. 

With it being my first year there at Mayfair I'm happy with how I've been able to transition in to the team. I'm the type of player that can play with anybody; I don't have to be the man all the time. Coming in playing with another great guard like Josh Christopher has been great for me. I feel like we push each other to be better and it's paying off.

I feel like we're the best backcourt in the country; who else has two guards averaging 30? 

The most fun game this season was the game against Long Beach. KD came out and it was just really hype. I'm ready for the playoffs because I feel like we're on track mentally and already have the talent to get it done; we just have to put it all together. 

I'm excited about my visit to Syracuse coming up on February 2. It'll be an unofficial and they'll be playing Duke so I know it'll be a great atmosphere. They've been recruiting me since around the seventh grade. I like the staff and the team there so it'll be good to see everything. 

Oregon has started to recruit me more here lately too. Other than that Memphis, Arizona State, LSU, Alabama, Georgia Tech and a bunch of other schools have continued to recruit me. 

It's crazy that we'll be playing spring/summer ball really soon, but that'll be exciting too. I know it'll be a big season for me on the circuit so I'm ready, but, right now, I'm just focused on finishing strong with my high school team. 

OK, I've gotta tell y'all about my new ink. I got a tat from my kneecap down to my ankle I have my grandma with an angel and some clouds with a breast cancer sign. Her name is Kay Francis Weaver and I just wanted to do something to honor her. 

Dior Johnson

It took about eight hours and I only took two breaks the whole time.I love how it turned out though!

School is going great! 

First quarter I was on the honor roll so that's something I'm proud of. I'm just trying to keep my grades up.

On the music side, I'm listening to a lot of Da Baby, Polo G, Lil Baby, Pop Smoke and a couple others. 

OK guys I appreciate you reading my blog, but I've gotta get to practice. Check back soon for my next blog and I'll talk to you guys then.

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