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Fast-Rising WR Kaleb Webb Talks Recruiting Surge, Upcoming Plans, and More

Fast-Rising WR Kaleb Webb Talks Recruiting Surge, Upcoming Plans, and More
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Kaleb Webb has been committed to East Carolina since June, but things have drastically changed in his recruitment since making that pledge. After an explosive showing at the Corky Kell Classic in August, the 6'3", 185lbs receiver returned to the locker room after a McEachern (Ga.) win to multiple texts and calls from college coaches. Since that night, Webb has added nine new Division 1 offers, including the likes of Louisville, Ole Miss, South Carolina, and Tennessee. The Peach State standout talks about his recruiting surge, upcoming plans, and more.

"It has been a little hectic, but I have just been letting my parents do most of the recruiting for me, and I listen in to see what a college has to offer for me if I was to go there," Webb said of the offer. "My parents want to take the stress off of me, so they talk to most of the colleges that hit me up, so basically, I don't have a lot on my plate because they are helping me to make the best decision."

Webb's uptick on the recruiting front centers around his well-rounded ability as a receiver and special teams threat.

"I feel like I am an explosive guy," Webb said about what makes his game special. "I can take the little plays and turn them into a big play. I also feel like I am really good down the field, and I can high point the ball and run after the catch."

"I would say my route running as well as my contested-catch ability," Webb said on where his game has improved the most. "I think that is what I walked on this off-season the most with my trainer and in 7v7, and I think that is starting to show."

Despite having a collection of new offers ahead of him, Webb knows there is still work to be done.

"Really, I just want to continue to improve on getting in and out of my breaks," he said. "That is something I will continue to work on so that I can create more separation at the next level. That is really what my main focus is right now, and obviously increasing my speed more and more throughout the years."

So with new options to weigh amid an ongoing prep season, who has been in contact with Webb?

"Tennessee, Louisville, South Carolina, and obviously East Carolina," said Webb.

Tennessee wide receivers coach Kodi Burns was in attendance to see Webb play last week, but he feels like there is a strong bond with the entire staff in Knoxville.

"Really, it has just been a strong relationship with everybody at Tennessee," Webb said. "They call me, text me, and hit me up a lot to let me know how much they want me and how much I could affect their offense while having the chance to play early in front of one hundred thousand fans. They have just been on me about that a lot, and it is really intriguing."

Tennessee's vertical attacking offense is tailored to Webb's skillset, and he believes this helps them in their pursuit of him.

"I would say yes just because they run a similar style offense to what I run in high school right now," he said. "So me going up to Tennessee, I would not really lose a beat offensive wise, and I would have a jump on all the receivers that could be coming in with me, so that really gives them a slight advantage over all of the other schools, and they love to take shots which is something I think I strive in. I think I would do well in their offense."

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Webb will visit the Volunteers next month on October 9th for an unofficial visit when they play South Carolina, and he could return for an official visit later in the year.

His relationship with Louisville is growing as Scott Satterfield's program has his attention, too.

"It has been picking up a lot lately," Webb said of communication with the Cardinals. "I have been in contact with coach Sims and coach Brewer, and they plan to get me up for an official visit on the 23rd. Really I have just been tuning into their games and seeing what they have. I think they had a bad first half against Ole Miss, but it started to really click in the second half, which is something I liked to see."

"Really, I am just looking for a great bond and relationship with the coaching staff and a coaching staff that is going to push me on the field to become better ad push me off the field to become a man and make me ready for what this world has to offer," Webb said of what he will be looking for on these visits. "I just want to go to a team that is going to embrace me with players and a culture that will push me to get better."

Shane Beamer's staff is pushing to get the talented receiver in his budding program as he looks to change the culture and install his preferred offense.

"I know he said that they would love to have me," Webb said of Beamer's message. "He made an emphasis on that they really really want me, and I would have a chance to play early and help change the culture there within South Carolina. Coach Stepp has also been on me heavy about how much they want me."

Webb recently had a chance to see the Gamecocks in action, and he was impressed with what he saw.

"Seeing them when they played ECU, they love to stretch the field vertically when they have the chance, and I feel like I could strive in that offense," Webb said of his recent look at the Gamecocks.

Despite the push from these power five schools, Webb admits that it is going to take a lot to back him off his pledge to East Carolina.

"I would say they are going to have to try really hard because they believed in me first," he said. "Over the summer, they were the school to take a chance on me, and that was one of the main reasons for committing in June. A school is going to have to work really hard to flip me. Also, Coach Kirkpatrick at ECU loves the way I play and plans to get me on the field early and use me in an explosive offense."

Webb will continue to weigh his options until signing and make a decision based on these factors.

"It will really come down to a collection of everything I have talked about," he said. "All of that will go into the decision, and my parents will be a big part of the decision. I want them to feel basically as good as I do and that the school I choose is 100 percent the best school for me and has the best plan for me."

Whenever the time comes for him to enroll early, he shared his thoughts on what kind of player one of these schools is getting in him.

"They are getting a high energy, explosive guy and a player that is going to work hard to get everything he deserves."