Live Scouting Notes from Trinity Catholic/Victory Christian in Fla.

John Garcia Jr.

via Brian Smith...

There are several really good prospects to comment about from these two programs, but I concentrated on the offensive line from Trinity Catholic and a young skill position player from Victory Christian.

The three senior offensive linemen for Trinity Catholic are as advertised: big, strong, and athletic. Jake Slaughter (Florida), Caleb Johnson (Auburn), and Garner Langlo (Auburn) all made their college decisions prior to this season. There’s another offensive lineman to watch however.

2023 prospect Tommy Kinsler shows a lot of promise. This is his first year in a featured role, but he’s definitely a prospect college coaches need to know about. At 6-foot-5 and nearly 300-pounds, Kinsler moves well.

He’s just now beginning to grow into his body so his best days are ahead of him. Two items stuck out about how Kinsler played Friday. First, he provided good lateral quickness.

Whether in pass protection with his kick step or moving to the second level as a run blocker, Kinsler moves much better than most players his size. That’s especially impressive for a mere sophomore.

Need to see Kinsler finish blocks more consistently in the run game; be more aggressive. Technique will improve with time as well. Needs to stay lower and deliver the first blow more often than he does now. Once Kinsler better grasps how and when to strike the opposing defensive end (he played left tackle) there’s no telling how good he could become.

Anxious to see Kinsler compete at camps and combines this next spring. He has a lot of potential to be a Division I player.

For Victory Christian, everyone knows about running back Cornelius Shaw. That’s why a closer look at 2023 prospect Preston Smith was needed. At about 5-foot-9 and 160-pounds, Smith could play running back, wide receiver or defensive back at the FBS level.

His quickness in tight space, determination after contact, and good vision make him a really good offensive threat. It will be interesting to see if he plays more running back or wide receiver after Shaw leaves the Victory Christian program.

For now, Smith moves around. He will play slot, spell Shaw at running back, or come in motion before going out for a pass. He’s definitely a versatile player. Smith possesses one other area that cannot be taught.

Competitive nature.

Even during inside runs that were well defended, Smith would churn his legs and drive forward. His efforts garnered additional yards and proved his ability to be a physical football player. His best skills are constructed in open space, however.

During a quick flat pass, Smith side stepped one defender, spun past another, and fought for yardage after contact. Here’s a look at a bubble screen from Smith.

Like Kinsler, Smith still needs to continue to improve his craft such as route running and setting up his breaks. He will be one to watch next spring during the combine and camp circuit.