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Kam Pringle Furthers South Carolina's Recruiting Reputation

Just when you thought Shane Beamer and the coaching staff couldn't continue to improve with their recruiting, South Carolina hauled in offensive tackle Kam Pringle.

Recruiting, in general, is challenging, but it becomes even harder when dozens of other capable football programs in your region surround your school. Being in the southeast makes recruiting not a battle but a war, yet South Carolina is showing signs that they will prevail.

A few years ago, South Carolina was not routinely considered a top 50 school in recruiting. 247Sports ranked South Carolina's 2020 recruiting class as 80th in the nation. Yet Shane Beamer and the coaching staff have made up for lost time and have shaped the Gamecocks into a formidable recruiting power. Their 2023 recruiting class ranks 16th in the nation, and their 2024 class ranks 19th.

This week serves as a landmark for the Shane Beamer era as the school landed its first top-50 recruit under Beamer, according to 247 sports. Kam Pringle currently ranks 46th in the nation, and the number one offensive tackle is arguably the Gamecocks' most important recruit under Beamer and a sign of changing times.

Traditionally, high-profile recruits in the southeast, like Pringle, were reserved for schools like Alabama, Georgia, or Clemson. However, South Carolina has become an emerging power, reflected in its past few recruiting classes. Even though things may seem great for the Gamecocks, it feels like continued improvement is inevitable.

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