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Symir Torrence Excited to Don the Hometown Orange

Syracuse basketball's new point guard discusses the upcoming season.

All Syracuse caught up with new Orange point guard Symir Torrence to discuss the upcoming season, playing for his hometown team and more. 

Q: How does it feel to play in your hometown of Syracuse?

Torrence: It’s amazing. Dream come true. Child moment. A lot of tears hit the right way. Just can’t wait to get on the floor and be able to take it all on.

Q: Is there an added sense of pressure knowing you could have friends and family in the stands every game in the Dome?

Torrence: No pressure. It’s just me knowing that I have to be great, no matter what. The time and thought that my peers and friends put into me, I have to do right by giving it back, and that’s what I’m gonna do this year.

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Q: Has learning Syracuse’s 2-3 zone been an adjustment for you?

Torrence: For sure. But it has some man [to man] principles. I’m adjusting very well, getting used to it, getting used to my ankles in the zone and stuff like that, so it should be good. I’m feeling more comfortable as the day goes on.

Q: Have the coaches discussed in detail what your role will be?

Torrence: Not really, but I pretty much know what my role is gonna be on this team. The coaches did a pretty good-not a pretty good, but a great job of explaining my ankles in the summer, working on stuff that I need to get better at, so I know my role, and I believe in my coaches. My coaches know my role too.

Q: Better weather: Syracuse or Marquette?

Torrence: Syracuse.